How to upload/download Minecraft world to server

World upload to your server PRO/LITE

One of the most frequent questions people ask is, how do I upload my Minecraft world to the server. Because of tis question, we're making this tutorial so you could enjoy your old Minecraft world in a new server. This tutorial is for LITE and PRO plan owners.

How to use „WinSCP“ program to reach server files (FTP)?

    1. Download the program from (https://
    2. When program is opened we can see the login screen.
    3. If we want to connect to VPS server we leave SFTP protocol. (SFTP uses 22 port).
    4. If we want to connect to Minecraft server files we have to change SFTP to FTP by clicking on SFTP and selecting the FTP. Also we have to change the port to 21.
    5. Enter the login information and press „Login“.

      How to upload world to the server?

      1. Go to server control panel and open „FTP/MYSQL/RCON“ tab.
      2. Open WinSCP program and enter all the necessary information (Host: your IP (real)  ex.: or; Username: is "Username"; Password: is "Password".
      3. Wen connected with PRO plan we can see folder „pasauliai“ (Vanilla) or World (Modpack). If using LITE plan, you're already in the „pasauliai“ folder.
      4. If we want to save the server world we can download it by dragging the folder to the desktop or if we want to upload our server world we delete these folders „world, world_nether, world_end“.
      5. After deletion we upload our server map. Make sure the folders are named the same way the deleted folders we're named. „world, world_nether, world_end
      6. Restart the server.

      P.S. If the uploaded files are not named "World" the server will create new world with the name "World" and load it instead of yours. Sometimes the folders can be named correctly but still load the wrong world. In that case open settings tab on the service page. Then make sure this line looks like this: "level-name=world" or change world to any other name you named your uploaded folder.

      Tutorial in Lithuanian: