Privacy policy

We respect and protect every site visitor privacy, and we commit ourselves to the right to handle and maintain your data.
We collect information about site visitors who log in to the Redfox Cloud system.

The following data can be collected for registration: name and surname; the company (office); e-mail adress; telephone number; language (country); relevant areas of practice. By registering, you give consent to Redfox Cloud to collect and process your personal data so that Redfox Cloud can properly provide the services offered.

The data collected is used only for connection to the system, the account for invoicing, the possibility to contact the client, if there is any problems, the newsletter for sending (for receiving a newsletter client writes a seperate concent). Personal data that you have submitted will not be provided in any circumstances to third parties, except in cases provided by law. With the consent of Redfox Cloud, you can withdraw and process your personal data at any time by sending an e-mail to We only protect your personal data for as long as you need to provide your order.

If you visit our website, using cookies, we also collect information that can improve your browsing experience.

Cookies are small files that your browser uses from the site you visit and saves on your device. Cookies allow the site to remember information about your browsing habits, actions, searches and settings so that you can use the full functionality of the site, while other visits to our site would be simpler and more useful. Cookies are valid for one year.

Cookies used on our site:
  • Enhanced (session) cookies. They are designed to improve the functioning of the site and collect anonymous information about the use of the website.
  • Permanent cookies (tracking cookies from Google Analytics). These cookies are used to analyze the behavior of the site visitor and to collect anonymous information about the number of visitors to the site, the number of pages visited and the length of time spent on our site.
  • Target (promotional) cookies. Used to display advertising information that is in your interests.
  • Live help stubborn cookies. Ensures that the live help box works properly when browsing website.

How to disable cookies? Most browsers are set up to automatically accept cookies. By having information on how and for what they are used, you can decide whether to leave your cookies on or off. We want to warn you that, by disabling cookies, you might loose ability to use some of the features. If you do not want to receive cookies, you can set your browser to reject all cookies or send a cookie when a cookie is created.

These provisions can be changed without a separate notice, as we act accordingly to the legal acts. These privacy policies are subject to the law of the Republic of Lithuania. All of the encountered issues will be resolved by negotiations, and failing that - in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.