How to create email through DirectAdmin

Email creation through DirectAdmin control panel 

Having a business email is very important for your brand. By having a company email you will look way more professional than using a regular email, and this increases your chances of getting replies from your potential customers. After this short tutorial, you will know how to set up a work email using the company’s domain at Redfox Cloud.

Connecting to DirectAdmin control panel:

1. Go to your website control panel.
2. Click the "DirectAdmin“ button. The logging in is done automatically, but in case it does not log you in, enter the login information found in the "Logins" square located in the service dashboard.
3. After logging in we can see the "E-mail management“ tab and "E-mail Accounts“ in that tab. Click on it.
4. On the newly opened page you will see email addresses that have already been created. If there‘s none, click the "Create mail account“ button.
5. Create email name, password, Email Quota (Meg) - set to 0 (unlimited) (that is the inbox size in MB), Send Limit - set to 0 (unlimited) (that is the maximum amount of emails you can send per day).
6. Click the "Create" button. 

And that's it. Your company email is created. You can access it by going to your service dashboard and clicking on the "WebMail“ button. Then, the Roundcube email box window will open, where you will be able to enter all of your login credentials that you‘ve created for the database.




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