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How to install PaperMC or different platform to the system (PRO version)

Installing PaperMC or another platform on a server 

What to do when we are not satisfied with the platform provided by the hosting provider and the simple Spigot does not meet our wishes? Or maybe we want to upgrade the Minecraft server engine, but everything seems so complicated. In this lesson, we will learn how to do it correctly and simply.

How to download the desired platform?

1. Download the desired server platform to your computer (.jar file is required).

2. Rename it to server.jar (The system specifically runs the file named server.jar).

3. Download FTP program such as WinSCP or FileZilla Client.

4. Enter the system files using the logins provided in the service dashboard FTP tab.

5. When connected, we import our server.jar file instead of the existing server.jar file.

6. Start the server.

Attention! Platforms from unknown or suspicious sources can use an unusually large amount of resources, which can result in lag or simply server won't turn on.

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