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How to install modpack to Minecraft server (PRO)

How to install a Modpack to a Minecraft server (PRO)

Vanilla Minecraft can get boring at times. Even though we have many ways to customize the experience, sometimes it is still not enough. We have already looked over how to install Resource Packs, Plugins, and Data Packs in other tutorials on our website. In this tutorial, we will go over the more complicated, however more rewarding, process of installing a Minecraft Modpack to your server.

Modpacks are additional content compilations made by independent programmers. They come in many shapes and forms, therefore there is seriously no limit to how modified your game can become. The process of installing such a pack is a bit more complex, but we have simplified it into a few simple steps.


How to upload a modpack to your Minecraft server 1.8-1.16.4?

  1.     Download the desired modpack server-side files to your computer;
  2.     Once downloaded, we extract the compressed file to a folder created by us where we will temporally create the server;
  3.     Start the server with the start.bat file;
  4.     Then, let’s look for the eula.txt file in the generated files and open it;
  5.      Find the line “eula=false”, change the false to true and save the file (eula=true);
  6.      Run the start.bat file again and wait for about 5-10 minutes (depending on the speed of your computer, this can take up to 15 minutes); until you no longer see new lines in the black window that opens. Close the black window;
  7.      Rename the Forge universal file to starter.jar (sometimes it can be a forge file without the word universal. In that case, rename it, but it will never be a forge installer file);
  8.      Once we have done that, we will open the WinSCP or FileZilla Client program;
  9.      Login using the credentials in the service FTP tab;
  10. Once the system files are opened (inside we see the worlds folder, the server.jar file, etc.) we will delete all the files;
  11.      Then, upload all the files generated by the modpack from your desktop;
  12. Finally, start the server (this may take 3-5 minutes).


Common problems

Q: I uploaded the server and it still won't start.

A: Check if the server has enough RAM. We recommend having 3-5GB of RAM for a server with modifications.



Q: The On / Off / Restart buttons do not work.

A: Some modpacks do not pass on their status information, so the site does not receive this information. If that’s the case, you should follow the console.



Q: I don't have a start.bat file, how do I run a modpack?

A: If your modpack is older, then you need to download the Forge installer file with your required version for the modpack. Upload the file to a folder created for the modpack. Run the uploaded file and select the server-side option, and select the save location, which should be the folder that contains the modpack files. After installation, run the forge universal or forge file. In the white window that opens this time, continue from step 6.


Still have questions or problems with the installation of a Modpack? Give us a message to our Live support or with a modpack you want and we will be add it to the installation tab ASAP.

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