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How to upload Datapack to Minecraft server

How to upload datapack to Minecraft hosting 

Want to have additional functions added to your Minecraft server, but think that plugins are not for you? In this tutorial, you will get to know how to upload your datapack without any problems.

Uploading datapack:

Download datapack you want. (We recommend downloading from

Open server control panel and on the left side find „FTP/MYSQL/RCON“ tab.

Open FTP program and enter all the login information:

(Host: server IP e.x:; Username: is "login"; Password: is "password".

After logging into the server with the PRO plan, find folder "pasauliai“ and open it, if you are using the LITE plan, you'll be in it by default.

Open "world“ folder and then open datapacks folder.

Upload the new datapack .zip file to datapack folder.

After uploading, restart the server.

Then connect to the server and enter this command: „/datapack list enabled“ and it should show all active datapacks.

If you need extra help connecting to the FTP program, use this tutorial:

If any problems arise, please contact us via customer support or email

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