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How to upload Datapack to Minecraft server

How to upload a Data pack to a Minecraft server

Vanilla survival Minecraft can be tedious and even get boring at times, even when you are playing with your best friends. There are many ways to customize your experience when playing on a server. These include Resource Packs, Mods, and Plugins. However one of the easiest ways to change how the game feels is by installing a Data pack.

Data packs are game configurations, which allow for certain activities to occur (for example night passes even if not all players are sleeping; leaves decay faster, etc.). Also, there are some packs that allow the tracking of various statistics (kilometers flown, kilometers swam, minutes played, etc.), so there can be some competitiveness involved.

All in all, these packs are an easy way to spice up your experience on the server. Even though it sounds like a lot of work, installing a Data pack on your Minecraft server is easier than it looks. This tutorial will guide you through the whole process of uploading a Data pack to your server.


Uploading a Data pack:

•        Download a pack you wish to upload to your server. (We recommend downloading from;

•        Open the server control panel and on the left side look for the „FTP/MYSQL/RCON“ tab;

•        Open the FTP program and enter all the login information:

(Host: server IP e.x:; Username: is "login"; Password: is "password".);

•        After logging into the server with the PRO plan, find the folder "pasauliai“ and open it. In case you are using the LITE plan, you'll be in it by default;

•        Open the folder "world“  and then open the folder titled datapacks;

•        Upload the new Data pack .zip file to the datapacks folder;

•        After the pack is done uploading, restart the server.

•        Once the server is running again, connect to it and enter this command: „/datapack list enabled“. It will display all active datapacks.


If you need extra help connecting to the FTP program, use this tutorial:


If any problems arise, please contact us via customer support or email


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